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What is HVL ?

High Voltage L (HVL) refers to the high voltage level reserved for the electricity transmission network operated in France by RTE (Réseau de Transport d’Électricité). The corresponding electrical voltages range from 50,000 volts (50 kV) to 400,000 volts (400 kV).

A voltage transformer is used to increase or decrease the voltage of an electric current. It transforms this voltage to ensure that the electric current, transmitted from power plants to various users, is transported safely.

HVL France

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Why perform maintenance on a HVL substation?

The proper functioning of your HVL substation is ensured by the continuous distribution of electricity in your network. It is therefore important to guard against the risks of failures in your electrical installations and to ensure their operational readiness to avoid serious human, technical, financial, or environmental consequences resulting from a breakdown or technical issue in your HVL substation.

Status of HVL Equipment

Regular maintenance operations have the primary purpose of validating the functioning and performance of the devices, as well as detecting anomalies or deviations. The maintenance report draws your attention to discrepancies that could lead to future malfunctions. Corrective measures are often implemented to ensure the continuity of service.

    Maintenance of HVL substation and HVL circuit breaker

    Preventive, corrective, and predictive maintenance in HVL

    • Identify components of HVL cells
    • Assess the impact of HVA in the case of an HVL substation
    • Maintenance operations for HVL equipment
    • Verification and testing of circuit breakers and disconnectors
    • Maintenance of sensitive components
    • Protection and control with replacement of spare parts

    Load tap changer maintenance

    The on-load tap changer is a critical component of the transformer.
    According to the RTE designation, it is a device that allows adding or removing turns from the main winding of the transformer.

    Intervention by a TGBT France expert for on-load tap changer maintenance.


    Detection of defects
    Verification of the mechanical condition of your equipment and oil analysis
    Manufacturer’s spare parts
    Manufacturer’s warranty (parts and labor)
    Supply of an intervention report

    Maintenance on average every 3 years.

    We buy your high-voltage equipment!

    These dismantling operations are carried out safely.

    • Transport is regulated under hazardous materials regulations.
    • Any potential storage of these elements occurs at an approved facility.
    • Destruction of contaminated transformers and capacitors containing PCB.
    • Handling and removal on-site.
    • Issuance of an official destruction certificate in compliance with regulations.
    • Dielectric depolarization.
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