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High Voltage Post



Installation, Our Core Expertise

Strength, Reliability, and Longevity

For over 50 years, our core expertise lies in the design, construction, and installation of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment.

We take care of all your equipment needs: high-voltage substation and switchgear, distribution substation, EDF substation, and more.

We offer a comprehensive and customized service for the entire process, from design to operation, supply to commissioning of your complete electrical supply station, covering both high-current and low-current systems.

High Voltage Substation Installation

How do we proceed?

We work with HVA (High Voltage) and LV (Low Voltage) equipment from brands such as Schneider Electric, Siemens Alsthom, Areva, Cahors, Ormazabal.

The electrical equipment we provide for your new installation is tailored to your needs. Custom solutions are available upon request.

We leverage our expertise for the installation of high-voltage substations ranging from 100 KVA to 2500 KVA.

TGBT is committed to adhering to French standards: NFC, 13100, 13200, 15100, and HN 4. All our equipment is factory-inspected by a control organization.

High Voltage Switchgear Installation

What elements are necessary?

The process of installing high-voltage switchgear (modular metal cabinet) consists of a set of elements: a transformation protection cell, a double general protection circuit breaker cell, a high-voltage transformer, and a low-voltage main circuit breaker.

Our teams operate with all the necessary mandatory safety equipment in place.


Prefabricated Transformer Substations

TGBT France: Custom High Voltage Substation Manufacturer and Integrator

From Design, Manufacturing, and Sales of high-voltage substations, we bring our energy to the heart of French villages.

Power range from 100 KVA to 2500 KVA.
Manufacturing, Trading, Rental, and Recovery
Turnkey Approved Equipment

TGBT France Range

High Voltage Substation TGBT France, French Expertise

Model A: Mobile Substation
Model X: Metal Substation
Model Y: Concrete Substation
Model Z: Photovoltaic Substation

Resilient Technical Economic

Powering all your needs

TGBT France prefabricated substations are designed to last

Technical Room “Tarif Green,” High Voltage Metering, Low Voltage Metering, Delivery Substation, Source Substation PDL Enedis

Prefab concrete transformation substations, aluminum metal enclosures, solid and durable concrete explosion-proof molded and vibrated containers, approved by French standards NFC C13200

Speed: Substation delivered fully assembled in 24 hours
Longevity: 20-YEAR structural warranty
Strength: Designed and manufactured with Power 3D technology



Our ambassadors are our customers.

Private and public electricity transformation substations
Wind, solar, and hydroelectric power plants
Water and wastewater treatment plants
Airports, train stations, metro stations
Open-pit lignite mine systems
High-rise buildings

TGBT France: Tailored Energy and French Expertise


3D High Voltage Substation Fabrication

Compliance with standards and usage conditions
Studies and design of HVA (High Voltage) and LV (Low Voltage) substations
Studies and design of concrete or metal enclosures
Studies and design of active and reactive power
Turnkey integration of delivery substations

Innovative engineering department dedicated to high voltage substation development

A technically proficient engineering department combining safety, reliability, longevity, integration, and energy performance

The engineering department is capable of tailoring projects according to site characteristics, including flood-prone areas and earthquake resistance.


Of all the components

Transformers from 160 KVA to 1000 KVA, Motorized or non-motorized cells at 24KV or 36KV, Low Voltage panel type TUR/TIPI/Circuit Breaker

Insulating Gloves Class 4, Glove Box, Telescopic Stick with Detector + Hook, Wall-mounted Fuse Holder, Insulating Stool or Mat, Portable Emergency Lamp

AF20B (display for treatment of electric shock victims), PR10 (danger display with substation name), On-site protection tests according to NFC 13 standard, Protected aluminum ventilation grids, Entry doors, Oil evacuation openings and cable passages, Floor fixing rails, Aluminum shutters for cables, Oil collector, Interior and exterior finishing, Cable sealing, 2-hour fire-resistant door

Historical Expertise

We have been putting our expertise at the service of our European partners and clients since 1959.

Our 3D HVA engineering department develops specific product ranges that meet local constraints and standards.

Our local proximity ensures our customers receive 24/7 maintenance and troubleshooting services.

Sustainable Development
A Long Tradition in Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is at the core of TGBT France’s strategy, and our ambition has always been to set an example.

Today, TGBT FRANCE’s exchange system offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of reconditioned spare parts in the high-voltage electricity industry.

Mandatory Compliance: PWH Protection

What does it entail exactly?

In accordance with regulations and the obligation for HVA (High Voltage) protection compliance by Enedis, it is required that you install Wattmetric Protection (HWP). Our teams frequently carry out such services, and we are a key partner of Enedis!

We offer a turnkey solution to achieve this. However, the intervention requires a separation from the Enedis network (operational service), and it’s necessary to schedule a visit by an Enedis metering agent to validate the compliance and perform tests after the intervention, resulting in an average outage of 6 hours.

We are at your disposal to assist you in your dealings with Enedis. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

High voltage protection relay testing

High current safely

Protection relay maintenance
Securing your high-voltage installation for your substation
• When commissioning a high-voltage installation, we guarantee proper wiring and configuration of your protection systems.
• We periodically ensure the correct adjustment and operation of your high-voltage protection systems.
• We verify the proper functioning of measurement reducers such as CTs, Current Transformers, VTs, Voltage Transformers, and PTs through primary/secondary injection.
• During renovation work, we handle the adaptation of your new digital protection systems.

Our offer
To optimize the safety of your installation, we adapt, test, and replace all your high-voltage and medium-voltage protection relays:
• Loading the program for any type of digital relay.
• Programming different thresholds on analog relays.
• Primary current injection testing per phase.
• Secondary injection to check the trip chain and transformation ratio.
• Injection to verify all protection thresholds.
• Logical selectivity and time-delay testing.
• Commissioning of current, power, and interlocking protections.
• Assistance in the design and implementation of your substation with ENEDIS.
• Manufacturer assistance during commissioning.
• Preparation and submission of a test report with corrective measures and optimization of your installation.

On-site protection relay commissioning tests (prior to commissioning) for Enedis.

Installation poste haute tension
Installation poste haute tension